Dear customer,

our growing demands on quality and environmental protection do not only apply to our products,
but also for the packaging.

You might have noticed that this bike was delivered to you in a different packaging. The packaging itself has been further developed and adjusted in order to increase the protection of our products.

The following aspects have been taken into consideration:

• Optimised protection due to adjustment of the packaging materials and construction
• Virtually free of plastics
• Easier handling

We have selected you as one of the first dealers to receive bike(s) in this new packaging.

Discretion is a very important topic for us.
The information you provide will only be used for internal purposes and will not be forwarded to third parties.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Your Accell R&D team



Condition of packaging on delivery? | Zustand der Verpackung bei Anlieferung? | *
Your first impression? | Ihr erster Eindruck? | *
For handling and storage processes ok? | Für Handhabung und Vorgänge bei der Einlagerung Ok? | *
Unboxing - Bike well protected? | Auspacken - War das Bike ausreichend geschützt? | *
Function and stability of document compartment? | Funkion und Stabilität des Dokumentfachs? | *
Evaluation of the bike assembly level? | Bewertung des Fahrrad-Montagegrades? | *
Impression eco-friendly development? | Eindruck zur umweltfreundlichen Entwicklung? | *
Will you re-use the packaging? | Werden Sie die Verpackung weiter verwenden? | *
Would you attend our take-back and re-use scheme for the (plastic-) locks? | Würden Sie an unserer Rückname- und Wiederverwendungsaktion für (Plastik-) Verschlüsse teilnehmen? | *

Thank you for your support! | Danke für Ihre Unterstützung |