Dear customer,

our growing demands in terms of quality and environmental protection do not only apply to our products, but also for the package.

You might have noticed that the HAIBIKE package delivered to you is different than before. Not only the package itself, but also the mounting degree of the bike has been further developed and adapted which results in improved protection of our products.

The further developments relate to the following aspects:

  • Optimised protection due to adaptation of the packaging material and construction
  • Virtually free of plastics
  • Easier handling and unpacking
  • Higher pre-mounting degree of the bike
  • Reusability of the package

Being one of the first dealers selected, you now have received HAIBIKE(S) in this new package.

You also have the chance to win a prize!
Among all feedbacks we raffle a selection of 180 HAIBIKE accessories! The first draw will be at the end of January 2019. Winner will be notified in writing.

We would like to point out that discretion is very important to us.
Your information will only be used by us for internal purposes and not forwarded to third parties.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Your HAIBIKE team





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